Mull of Galloway lighthouse

"Mull Of Galloway"

On a clear day you can see 6 countries from the Mull!

From maol in gaelic, a rounded hill, summit or mountain bare of trees. The Mull of Galloway is all of these but also beautiful and remote too. You begin at the lighthouse, with the sea at your right shoulder. It will stay there for the next 200 miles until you reach the border with England at  Gretna Green. For a moment you are the most southerly person in Scotland. You get on the bike, and  then you dive down, then a short climb with the road curving as it falls between East and West Tarbet. There is a sheer drop from cliffs to your left.

Off to your right, the bay curves away to a pencil thin line of sandy bays lined out to the horizon. Things are slow here, history present, more touchable. Ancient stones, castles and abbeys and yet just enough pubs, tea rooms and cafes in the 30 or more small towns and villages that lie ahead to make the ride enjoyable.

With varied terrain from the rugged and remote and a feel like Cornwall, to rolling and pastoral there is always something round the next bend. You will have open views to Ireland, the Isles of Man and later the mountains of the Lake District. Take your time and explore golden beaches and the hidden coves of Viking raids, pirates, smugglers and the first Christians. There are ancient stones, nature reserves, lots of castles, and a few abbeys ahead.

We have designed the route to take a week if you cycle about 30 miles a day, but we can customise it. We have picked all the quiet roads, so there are stretches where you will ride for miles with the roads to yourself.  If you are new to cycling or this is your first taste of touring then this is a great way to start. If you are looking for a charity challenge, then this is what you are looking for. Enjoy the ride, we plan everything and take your bags. - The 6 countries you can see are: Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales and of course the Isle of Man - WOW!

7 days

Around 30 miles a day and time to smell the roses and browse through books and antiques.

7 day tour Prices in £ ( Pound Sterling) per person
Occupancy Double Single
from £920.00 £1040.00
4 day tour Prices in £ ( Pound Sterling) per person
Occupancy Double Single
from £690.00 £760.00

The prices are guidelines for you.  They presume you start cycling on your arrival day and don't require accommodation on your last day in Gretna.

Don't worry about transport. It's part of the package. Just make your way to Lockerbie or Dumfries and we will pick you up and bring you back there there again.

If you like to come by car and need to leave it somewhere, get in contact with us. 

We would recommend a night in one of the beautiful B&Bs nearby prior to your start, so you can unwind from your travels and start the journey refreshed. Equally at the end, why not end your trip in one of Gretna Green's great Hotels and B&B's and celebrate your journey and achievement.


Some thoughts:

 It's a special, but remote location, so take time to enjoy the amazing area of the Mull of Galloway. 

Celebrate your experience with your friends at journeys end before you leave Scotland. 
It can be a challenge to sort out logistics to this remote corner of  Scotland; so let us help you to work out your accommodation, transfers and guide you through our country.

OFFER -  Save 10% per person on groups of 4 and more people.

Enjoy the experience together!

If you want to go faster for a challenge or slower let us know. If you wish to have a break at our Hub in Kirkcudbright, let us know. 

What you get

  • We source the best accommodation along the way for you.

  • We pick you up in Lockerbie, or Dumfries and bring you to your first accommodation at the Mull of Galloway.

  • We transport your luggage to your overnight accommodations.

  • We can arrange dinners for you (although costs for dinner are not included in the tour price).

  • We provide you with the route details, turn by turn cue sheet, detailed maps and a free gps app for your smart phone.

  • If any help is needed we are there for you. This is personal service.


We have a fleet of bikes that can be rented. The rental includes helmets, panniers, tools.

Bike hire per day: Hybrid - £20; Ebike - £30

start dates: Flexible

We can start the tour when it suits you. However, be advised that in some areas the restaurants and cafes are closed on certain days, even in high tourist season. Check with us, so we can make sure we work around this issue. 

Terrain: Moderate- challenging in short sections.

The route is suitable for most leisure cyclists. Through predominantly flat to rolling, there are a couple of nasty hills. Both short enough to push up. 

want more?

You have the opportunity to stay longer in Kirkcudbright and ride out into the Galloway Highlands on our handpicked routes. You could stay on and enjoy Scotland's Artist Town, with galleries and exhibitions and do the rest of the route next time.