End of the season

The first morning of frost today. A few of the summer birds are still here, but the evening sky now has skeins of geese making their way over to the wetlands around Threave Castle. It is time to put on the long finger gloves and knee warmers and carry a bag so that the ride always features the gathering of mushrooms, berries or sloes.

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The Tour of Britain in Kirkcudbright, 7th Sept

If you get paid to ride a bike and get your kit given to you, then the event you will be trying to win in the UK is The Tour of Britain. The nice people that organize the race have realised that some of the most wonderful roads for riding a bike are here in the South West of Scotland. They keep on returning, which is a big thumbs up for Dumfries & Galloway as a cycling destination even if you do not get paid to ride a bike.

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Coffee outdoors, and Spring Fling in May

The dry weather has allowed for a number of happy Gravel rides featuring stops to brew coffee and eat cake. Every stop to take in the views had a birdsong soundtrack and you can convince yourself that the smell of spring was in the warm air. I am thinking of planting the first potatoes.

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Whitehorse Bay in the morning

The winter has been kind to us so far with little snow and rivers as low as summer days. We may be still cleaning away the last pine needles of Christmas from room corners, but birds are calling at dawn and already the sun has some warmth to it.

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