Whitehorse Bay in the morning

Galloway Cycling.jpg

The winter has been kind to us so far with little snow and rivers as low as summer days. We may be still cleaning away the last pine needles of Christmas from room corners, but birds are calling at dawn and already the sun has some warmth to it.

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Snowdrops were first out days before the start of the year and now carpet many of the woods. We already have a few long rides done looking for new routes. But it is the early morning rides that feel like a gift.


This morning we rode the gravel bikes from home on a 20 mile loop. Patches of ice on the road came as a shock, but few enough to worry the wide tyres. Soon we were on tracks heading to the beach just short of Almorness Point. White Horse Bay, we stop and take in the view. What a great place to live.

Whitehorse Bay.jpg

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