The Galloway landscape with its bleak mists and mudflats, glens and mountains, empty moors and ancient moss covered stones has been the backcloth for countless poems, novels and films. It's a place where people have left and ghosts and whispers fill the gap.

Hugh McMillan



A battlefield across a thousand years of history, its scattered people are still suggested by place names in Gaelic, Welsh, Norse, English.



A native or inhabitant of Galloway is called a Gallovidian or a Galwegian.

Population density is 60 people per square mile compared with the Scottish average of 168



(pronounced kir-coo-bree)

with a harbour, ruined castle, old jail and an artistic legacy, kirkcudbright boasts the mysterious and intriguing past that any town in the british isles would love to claim ownership of.

maybe it’s the fresh sea air or the bountiful farm land, but britain’s oldest ever man, billy marshall, is said to have come from kirkcudbright.

and indeed, he’s buried in the town’s saint cuthbert churchyard. his gravestone, inscribed with two ram’s horns and two crossed spoons, said he was 120 at the time of his death back in 1792.

having married 17 times and fathering four children after the age of 100, this king of the lowland gypsies certainly managed to pack plenty of living into all those years spent in kirkcudbright.

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Belted Galloways

our logo features a beltie, whose name is robin!

the popular and distinctive belted galloway cow (black or brown with a white ‘belt’ around its middle) was created from four foundation herds in the early 1900s – one of which was the boreland herd belonging to a farmer near kirkcudbright, named sproat.

the cattle produce the fifth most popular beef in germany – a meat-loving nation – which appreciates hay and grass-fed cattle without the use of antibiotics or other concentrates. because of their diet the meat from the cows is high in health-giving omega 3 oils.

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The Bike

Kirkpatrick MacMillan (1812-1878).

He is generally credited with inventing the pedal driven bicycle

Gavin Dalzell of Lesmahagow copied Kirkpatrick Macmillan's machine in 1846 and passed on the details to so many people that for more than 50 years he was generally regarded as the inventor of the bicycle.

now it's Time to be part of history. Ride the roads that the first bicycle rode on.