Waiting for hot days and shorts!

‘ In the two month from the end of the third week of March to the end of the third week of May, there is accomplished the most rapid contrast of the year’ - Sir Edward Grey, 1927

Except this year is different. I can if it was clear, see snow on the hills from where I write. Not big patches but quite definitely, snow. It has been a long and hard winter that has been challenging to bike through. We have fallen in love with the fire roads and tracks of the area and our wonderful gravel bikes. It gives you much of what I love about walking with a little adrenalin added.

I have a tan line, only just visible but I now feel like a cyclist even though I have worn fingerless gloves just once so far. I am now fit enough, though social media keeps on showing me images of how much fitter I was in years gone by. It is what it is, and we are ready to have some fun.

From now until the end of October we are busy enough with guests that we are stocking the freezer with good food for those many days when we will return with not an ounce of energy left to face cooking, and just 5 minutes drive from a great fish & chip shop.

Some of our bikes

Some of our bikes

We are so looking forward to showing guests this amazing part of Scotland and some of the hundreds of miles of quiet roads that we get to ride on. Come on summer. Let’s get going!

Here is a very short film that we made near Thornhill, just after the last snow cleared.